Meet Morgan! With tremendous pleasure RASKC names Morgan Anderson as a Volunteer of the Month. Having contributed more than 7,600 hours as a foster volunteer, with great skills and dedication, this Covington resident ranks among RASKC’s top volunteers.

“Well, I totally love at the entire Anderson family. They are so wonderful and always came when I needed them,” said RASKC Foster Care Coordinator Lori Mason. “They took so many moms and babies and bottle babies. Morgan, her mom Connie, and sister Jessica are an amazing team.”

Q: How did you hear about RASKC and get started?

A:  We heard about RASKC foster program while I was doing my externship to become a veterinary assistant. One of the vet techs recommended RASKC. Someone brought in three little kittens that I bottle fed during my externship. After finding them homes, I decided I enjoyed nurturing these little kittens so much that I wanted to continue helping. My sister was also needed community service hours for her senior project, so fostering bottle babies became a family adventure.

Q: Tell us about yourself.

A: I currently work in a veterinary clinic and enjoy working with pets and educating people about their pet’s health. Outside of work I enjoy playing video games and crafting. I’m a quilter and enjoy sewing. We also have a puppy that we love taking out to the dog park and for walks.

I’ve always wanted to work with animals my dream when I was younger was to be a veterinarian. Being a veterinary assistant and now receptionist has been fulfilling and every day is an adventure.

With my work we have been a bit busy to foster bottle babies and I miss it so much! We are lucky enough to have the space to provide pregnant cats a safe space to have their kittens and we also enjoy fostering/socializing spicy older kittens.

My motto: Always be kind, you never know what someone is dealing with.

Q: What have you gained so far from your experience as a RASKC volunteer?

A:  I have gained a wealth of knowledge on cat health care and am now known as the kitten lady at work. We have also gained two amazing cats- foster failures- that bring us so much joy.

Q: What would you like to say about volunteering for RASKC?

A: I highly encourage everyone to volunteer time at their local shelter, as it helps take the load off of shelter staff, and it give pets a much needed break from being in a shelter environment. RASKC’s amazing foster coordinator Lori Mason is a joy to work with.