Meet Emanuel & Kimberly! RASKC is so happy to honor Emanuel and Kimberly Juarez as Outstanding New Volunteers. This father-daughter team is super upbeat, extremely reliable, and very skillful on the Early Morning Cat/ Rabbit Crew.

“I am 31 years old. My daughter Kimberly is 11 years old; she will be turning 12 later this month. We have been volunteering here since 2020. We love it, and we look forward to coming back every weekend.

“Some activities we enjoy are exploring the outdoors, going to the river, and hiking. We always have fun. We have two dogs- a five year old Pomeranian named Echo and a 9 month old German Shepherd named Whiskey. They get along really well. Sometimes they trade food bowls- Whiskey will eat off the little bowl, and Echo would eat off the big bowl. It looks pretty funny😁  Kimberly she is great at teaching dogs new tricks and is very patient when teaching them.

“Both Kimberly and I speak Spanish and English. Fun fact: Kimberly is learning sign language and is doing really great at it.”

RASKC thinks the both of you are really great, Emanuel and Kimberly!