Meet Kelli! RASKC is extremely pleased to name Kelli Matheny as an Outstanding New Volunteer. A resident of Kent, she contributes time as a Shelter Helper, foster volunteer, and as a Dog Walker. Just before the pandemic began, Kelli became qualified to work with some of RASKC’s more challenging dogs.

It is not uncommon for Kelli to go the extra mile for RASKC.  Kelli also spearheaded a multi-day project to precisely insert hundreds of slats for the fence art in two of RASKC’s dog yards. Another example was when one of the times when our washing machine was broken. Kelli took five big loads of laundry home to wash.

“I am a Human Resources Manager by trade and a certified Life Coach. I work a lot, so I do not currently have any pets. I love helping people improve and doing whatever I can to help animals find love, safety, and a happy life. My dream job has always been to work with animals in the zoo.

“I grew up in Bremerton. My first job, at age 14, was at an animal hospital. I loved taking care of the animals and really enjoyed seeing how excited they would get when they saw their families.

“At RASKC, I truly enjoy seeing the animals, as I think everyone does. Knowing that whatever I am doing- laundry, dishes, walking dogs, etc. – is helping the animals, and that feels great. I could have had an especially difficult day, and one shift volunteering make me feel like I just won the Lottery! It’s the secret sauce for me for sure. I certainly have missed it!!

“I fostered a scared dog that wouldn’t let anyone touch him. After a couple days at home with me, he was happy- seeking out belly rubs and playing like a puppy. It was such a great feeling to know I made a difference to him.” Fun fact: “In pre-COVID times, I also volunteered at Northwest Harvest, Ronald McDonald House, and Vision House as often as I could.”