July 31, 2020

Pet of the Week: Peter

Here’s looking at you, cat! This is Peter, our Pet of the Week.

This young shorthair was brought in by an animal control officer in late June. Peter’s personality color is “Rambunctious Red,” meaning he is a spirited cat with a fun-loving personality. He is an independent kitty who likes to do his own thing, and prefers getting attention on his terms. Peter can get overstimulated with petting, so his new family will need to keep an eye out for signs that he might need a break. Because of this, he would do best in a home with a cat-savvy family who knows when to give him some space.

Peter is FIV+, which means his immune system is not as strong as other cats’. His left eye is also a little different, so Peter always looks like he’s winking. Peter also has chronic upper respiratory infection, which causes him to sneeze a lot and sound congested. Some basic TLC will help Peter to live his best, most happy life!

Can you give a home to this little boy? He is neutered, litterbox trained, current on vaccinations, and microchipped. Because he’s the Pet of the Week, his adoption fee is waived – though a pet license fee may still apply. Peter’s adoption comes with a free visit to the veterinarian of your choice and 30 days of opt-in pet insurance through Trupanion.

Visit Peter and other furry friends on our website at kingcounty.gov/AdoptAPet. If you’re interested in adopting, please note that you will need to make an appointment online. If you have questions, contact RASKC at 206-296-7387 (PETS) or email pets@kingcounty.gov.