• RASKC volunteer roles: Tukwila Petco Cat-Care Team since 2018.
  • Graduating from: Auburn Mountainview High School.
  • Future plans: To study fine arts and computer science at Pacific Lutheran University in Tacoma.

What do you like about RASKC volunteering?

I love meeting the cats! I love spending time with them while they wait to find their forever home.

What is something that you learned during RASKC volunteering?

I learned that every cat is vastly different. They all have their own personalities that I have to adapt to in order to take care of them properly- much like with humans.

Given the COVID quarantine, what is something that is helping you get through these unprecedented times? 

Just a few weeks prior to quarantine, in one of my volunteering shifts, I fell in love with one of the cats and took her home. I used the more time to create a nice bond with her. As Muriel got closer to me, I refocused on my studies and painting. Painting gave me the ability to think about something else other than being stuck at home.