• RASKC volunteer role: Shelter Helper since 2016.
  • Graduating from Renton High School.
  • Future plans: To study media and communications at Seattle University.

What do you like about RASKC volunteering?

What I like most about volunteering at RASKC is the feeling of accomplishment that sets in after completing an entire set of tasks right in time for the end of your shift. When you can visually see a difference in the shelter after your shift is over, that is the best feeling! 

What is something that you learned during RASKC volunteering?

I have learned that working collaboratively is much more efficient in comparison to working individually. I am a rather independent individual, so it is often difficult for me to reach out for assistance when I am struggling. However, working collaboratively with other volunteers at the shelter, as well as the staff, has allowed me to become more open and less reserved.

Given the COVID quarantine, what is something that is helping you get through these unprecedented times? 

Having a little dog of fluff running around the house is definitely helping in these unprecedented times. He is always there to keep us all occupied and active with his playfulness and high energy level.