RASKC (filming): Hi Liz, we’re filming 12 ways of volunteering in order to raise awareness of the various volunteer opportunities we have here at RASKC. What’s your volunteer role?

Volunteer (Liz): I’m a dog walker here at RASKC.

RASKC: And what are you doing right now?

Volunteer (Liz): I’m walking Howard, he is a pit bull and he’s a green, so he’s very easy going.

RASKC: And what do you like about this role?

Volunteer (Liz): I love working with the dogs, helping them get good homes and helping them get exercise. I also love working with public because it’s a lot of fun helping people find their special dog.

RASKC: Anything else you’d like to share?

Volunteer (Liz): I just love being here at RASKC, it’s like my meditation spot when I’m not teaching. It’s one of my favorite places to be.

RASKC: Thanks so much Liz and thanks Howard!

Volunteer (Liz): Thank you.