RASKC (filming): Hi Robyn and Lynn, we’re filming the 12 ways of volunteering in order to highlight the different volunteer opportunities we have here at RASKC. Robyn, what’s your volunteer role?

Volunteer (Robyn, right): My role is cat meet and greet.

RASKC: And Lynn, what are you doing right now?

Volunteer (Lynn, left): I’m visiting with Precious, she’s one of senior kitties and it looks like she’s more of a social eater. So, sometimes when you get visit with them they’ll start eating when they’re too scared or too shy to eat.

RASKC: Robyn, what do you like about this role?

Volunteer (Robyn): You know, I really like working with people and introducing them to our awesome cats here and helping them take the perfect cat home.

RASKC: Lynn, anything else you’d like to add?

Volunteer (Lynn): Just that I love being at RASKC, the people are so good with the animals. I think this is the best day of my week when I spend time with the cats and when people come in to visit them.

RASKC: Well thanks Lynn, thanks Robyn!

Both: You’re welcome.