Volunteer (Johnathan): Hello!

RASKC (filming): So, we’re filming 12 ways of volunteering with RASKC and this is a great for us to be able to share with the community different ways that they can get involved if they are interested. Do you have a few seconds?

Volunteer (Johnathan): Sure.

RASKC: Awesome, so do you want to tell us your name and your volunteer shift duty?

Volunteer (Johnathan): Yeah, my name is Johnathan Edwards and my volunteer shift duty is making cat blankets.

RASKC: And what brought you to RASKC?

Volunteer (Johnathan): Well, I want to help the community, give back, and help animals, I like animals a lot.

RASKC: We do too!

Volunteer (Johnathan): So, I felt cat blankets would be a great way to do that.

RASKC: Well, we appreciate that and what would you say it the best part of volunteering here?

Volunteer (Johnathan): Getting to see all the different animals and doing the cat blankets. It’s crafty and I like doing lots of crafts.

RASKC: Well thank you so much Jay for everything that you do.