November 6, 2019

WAGS: Sadie’s Day to Play!

We are excited to share another WAGS adventure! This one comes from volunteer Chuck, who brought Sadie home for a day to play!

My wife and I had a great WAGS outing with lovely lady Sadie on Tues Oct 29th.

Sadie did well in the car on the 20-minute drive to our neighborhood. On the way home, we stopped at a big semi-wooded field near our home for a little R&R.  Since she’s a middle-aged lady, we didn’t want to do an excessive amount of walking, and this was just the ticket for a quick potty break and some sniffing around. We walked from there to the house and enjoyed the scenery on the way.

Once at home, she immediately went on a self-guided tour of the entire floor and checked everything out. We had been wondering about her going up the entryway stairs (they can be slippery for a dog), but she navigated them like a pro. She explored every room and hallway and looked through all the windows with curiosity.

We let her look around for a while, and of course there were lots of treats (following her diet). She was quite interested in the squirrels that frequent our deck. Later we went out on the deck and let her look around out there.

After a while, a second walk was in order, and we went down into our yard (1/2 acre) that has some gentle slopes and lots of brightly colored leaves, She took her time and seemed to enjoy the variety of terrain there.

Back to the house then to chill out a bit. Some peace and quiet was in order for all of us before returning to the RASKC.

All-in-all a great outing for all of us – we enjoyed some time with Sadie and I think she enjoyed it too. She certainly enjoyed the treats.



“WAGS” stands for Walks, Adventures, and Getting Socialized! This program allows our current dog walkers to take a dog on an adventure outside of the shelter for a few hours. Interested in becoming a dog walker volunteer? To learn more, sign up for New Volunteer Orientation today!