Meet Tiffany! RASKC is incredibly happy to honor Tiffany Morin, one of RASKC’s most outstanding volunteers. She serves as the Co-Lead of RASKC’s Pet Publicist Team. And she volunteers on weekly shifts in RASKC’s Vet Clinic and with RASKC cats at Covington Petco. Additionally Tiffany helps with families with young children once a month at Seattle Meowtropolitan Care. She helps with Cat Meet and Greet at the shelter. And Tiffany leads tour at RASKC, and she sometimes helps lead new volunteer orientation too. Tiffany has contributed over 830 hours since she began at RASKC in 2017 (Thank you, Tiffany!!!)

Q: How did you hear about RASKC?

A: After Hurricane Harvey, I was looking for a way to help in the recovery effort. A news article caught my attention: Hundreds of Houston Homeless Pets Landing at Boeing Field! The image of volunteers unpacking pet carriers from a 737 cargo hold compelled me to call the shelter, and inform them I was on my way down. The private shelter thanked me and said they had plenty of volunteers, but encouraged me to give RASKC a call instead. Good advice! Within a week I was fast-tracked into a difficult-to-fill shift on the Covington Petco Cat Care Team. Not as sexy as kittens on a plane, but every bit as meaningful!

Q: What made you want to volunteer, especially to work with animals?

A: An adoption experience with a shelter volunteer left a big impression. We had one cat, and we were interested in adopting an older cat who needed a little help. The volunteer introduced us to several wonderful cats in need, but none felt quite right. Then the volunteer showed us a 12 year old Ragdoll with no tail named “Peace” whose owner had died. She’d been at the shelter for months, adopted, returned, and was worn down from stress. So we took “Peace” home, and she was a cat from hell! But we weren’t giving up on her. Six months later she became one of the best cats we’ve ever had. That volunteer knew “Peace” had potential and recognized that we were a good fit. I’m eternally grateful to them and wanted to pay it forward.

Q: What do you do when you aren’t volunteering at RASKC?

A: I like to garden. I raise cold hardy succulents and create succulent arrangements for sale as a hobby. I enjoy sports, boating, crafts, and hip-hop dance. I’m an avid reader. And I like to spend time with my family, friends, and my animals.

Q: What do you hope to gain from your experience as a volunteer with RASKC?

A: I’ve had the opportunity to try new things and challenge myself in ways that no other experience or career has afforded me. Each week there’s a new problem to solve or creative challenge to tackle, and I love it. The friendships I’ve made at RASKC have been a wonderful bonus. In my role as a Pet Publicist adopters connect with me on social media (@tiffany4pets_raskc) and send me pictures of former RASKC pets thriving in their forever homes. That’s what it’s all about.

Q: What is your favorite place to take your dog for a walk? Or a favorite activity to do with your dog?

A: My pup loves being on the water, so any place with a beach is my favorite. She’s a strong swimmer in a tiny body and it’s funny to watch her go.

Q: How would you describe your pets’ personalities?

A: At RASKC we characterize our animals’ personalities by color. I have two RED’s, one GREEN, and one BLUE. It’s a good mix.

Q: Describe a memorable moment you’ve had with an animal.

A: I was night diving near Fox Island, when I spotted tentacles under a rocky cove. I swam over and found myself nose to beak with a full grown Giant Pacific Octopus. He had camouflaged himself to look like the rocks while he was hunting. So I invited myself to dinner, caught him his favorite meal (Dungeness crab), and fed it to him. He liked that.

Q: Fun fact?

A: I am the Great….Great Grandaughter of two U.S. Presidents: John Adams (2) and his son, John Quincy Adams (6). Their service and sacrifice to our country is remarkable, and it’s a humbling family legacy.

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