August 24, 2019

Happy Tails: Pika

We love to get Happy Tails from our adoptive families! Here’s one from Michael:

I wanted to share an update of Pika, the dog I found (rescued) and subsequently adopted from RASKC (Kent).

She was found at Kent Station alone and wandering. I gained her trust and sat with her for three hours waiting for her owner to come looking for her. Sadly nobody came looking for this precious furball.

I then took her to RASKC in Kent where they checked her for a microchip with no success. I didn’t want to leave her but it was the proper procedure to follow. I knew immediately that this was the dog for me and made sure that if nobody came to claim her that I was the first to be in line to adopt her. I said my temporary goodbyes and promised her I’d be back if nobody claimed her.

The staff were so amazing with her and immediately made her feel safe.

I had told my wife what was going on, sent her a picture of Pika and she knew where this was headed. I didn’t even have to ask. My wife immediately said I could have Pika if nobody claimed her.

The next five days were an absolute torment for me, but I imagine it was much scarier for Pika. She likely had no clue what was going on. I called every day to get an update on her. I was finally relieved to find out nobody had claimed her and I could pick her up on Saturday after her spaying procedure. I couldn’t wait!! It was like Christmas Eve as a child waiting for Santa to come with presents.

My wife and I went shopping to get basic pet things to welcome Pika into her new forever home.

I still remember picking her up after all the paperwork was finished. The staff went and got Pika from her kennel. I made sure to wear the same clothing I had been wearing when I found Pika to help her remember me. When she was brought out and saw me she was an explosion of happiness. I don’t think I have ever smiled bigger except on the day I married my wife.

Pika was extremely nervous and apprehensive about the car and I ended up sitting in the back with her. (She loves car rides now!!)

We quickly realized that Pika was going to need all of our love and care to make her feel comfortable in her new home. I ended up sleeping outside the gating area next to her for the first couple nights as she would cry if I left her sight. Slowly, but surely, over the passing week she started to break out of her shell and become the puppy she was meant to be. She now has been crate trained, sleeps through the night and loves her own little sleeping area. She also loves to take naps with my wife and I.

She received a clean bill of health from our local vet and quickly gained three pounds.

She is now a little over a year old and since she was estimated to be seven months old at adoption, we placed her birth to be around mid-February. We chose Valentine’s Day as her official birthday.

She is amazing and very loved, happy and doing great. Training for basic things like name and potty training were a breeze. She had a bit of separation anxiety at first but with love and time she has overcome that.

Here are some pictures. Please share this with the staff at the Kent location as they were so amazing in their care and treatment of Pika.

Our puppy is so happy in her new home after being found abandoned. She has grown into an intelligent little lady.

Thank you Michael for sharing your story and photos! If you have Happy Tails to share about your adoption from RASKC, email us at

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