Meet Jeff! Jeff has given extraordinary contributions of time to RASKC and has done so with the best spirit and great skill as a Dog Walker and as a Shelter Helper. Jeff not only has been one of RASKC’s most reliable volunteers with his weekly shift, he has also been absolutely magnificent by filling in on open shifts. Jeff has been truly exceptional in going the extra mile, often responding to last-minute requests to help out. From December 2016 through March 2018, he worked 136 shifts, often going beyond the standard two-hour shift! The number of shifts that Jeff has worked is all the more amazing, because he took a two-month vacation. Jeff and spouse Bev foster RASKC animals, which we are very grateful for. Jeff and Bev, who is also a RASKC Dog Walker, will be moving to Central Washington this month. We will miss both of them beyond measure. Thank you, Jeff and Bev!

Q: How did you hear about RASKC?
A: Through

Q: What made you want to volunteer, especially to work with animals?
A: I retired and had more time to volunteer. I have always loved dogs and cats both, so I looked for an opportunity to help them.

Q: What have you gained and hope to gain from your experience as a volunteer with RASKC?
A: Satisfaction of helping someone other than myself and making the dog’s day a little better. Learning new animal skills.

Q: What do you do when you aren’t volunteering at RASKC?
A: I work a lot on our new house. And I play keyboards and guitar in The Beat Project band. I also waste time on Facebook.

Q: What is your life motto?
A: We are all responsible for our own happiness.

Q: What is your favorite park to take your dog for a walk? What is a favorite activity to do with your dog?
A: Cougar Mountain Park. And just hanging out and loving each other.

Q: What is the best advice you would give people who want pets?
A: Be ready to take care of your pet and be with them as much as possible. They have feelings just like humans and they need and depend on you.

Q: Describe a memorable moment you’ve had with an animal.
A: Playing water chase with my Jack Russell Terrier.

Q: What else would you like to say about volunteering for RASKC?
A: It has been my honor to work with and assist people that love and care for the animals so much. I hope to find another opportunity like this in Eastern Washington. Animals can teach us a lot about what is really important in life.