By: Arya & Ashlee

Our names are Ashlee Snider and Arya Srivastava, and we are part of Girl Scout Troop 43810, made from 8 girls ages 10-11 years old. Each year we donate our leftover Girl Scout cookie money to an animal shelter, and this year we have decided to donate to R.A.S.K.C. We decided to donate to them this year because they have been such a generous organization towards any animal in need.

We love R.A.S.K.C because they prevent animal cruelty/abuse. Not only that but R.A.S.K.C is devoted to helping animals find their forever home. Each and every animal at the shelter is always treated with respect and kindness. R.A.S.K.C is admired by many animal lovers and activists. Their facility has always been helpful to any animal in need. We also think that the shelter has made a large impact on wildlife. The difference between a regular rescue shelter and R.A.S.K.C is that R.A.S.K.C not only has an amazing staff, but they also have a 24-hour field service to all wildlife and stray animals. They also include adoption and foster care. Our Girl Scout Troop has kindly donated money to this amazing facility. We would never be able to do what they do; they work extremely hard to help animals. R.A.S.K.C has been such a big help to our society and toward living creatures. They have influenced smaller kids and teens since 1972.

Thank you, R.A.S.K.C!


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