This message comes from Alice B., who recently adopted Romeo. Here’s what she says:

“To All the Staff and Volunteers at King County Animal shelter in Kent where I adopted Romeo my new kitten yesterday….THANK YOU from me and Romeo. He did very well on his ride home and enjoyed all of the attention he received when we made a side trip into Pet Smart to pick up a few supplies. I am 53 and have owned 9 cats throughout my life, each and every one has been well loved and a true member of the family. So I think I’m in a position to say it’s obvious that Romeo was receiving excellent care at your facility and was also being given love and attention. We still have our Benny 7, and ChiChi 23 (yes, 23!) who are not too happy about the arrival of their new brother but are making an effort to get to know him. I’m not worried, I’m sure they will be inseparable buddies in no time. Romeo is already bonding with me and exploring his big wonderful new home. He plays up a storm and is absolutely adorable! I attached a few photos of him snuggling, now I know how he got his name.

Your staff and volunteers were very compassionate, understanding, helpful and resourceful this past June when my cat “Lizzard” went missing. We have never found him, and while that hole in my heart may never mend, Romeo has filled my heart with so much joy in such a short time that I am certain RASKC has helped find the purrrfect new kitty for me and the very best home for Romeo!

Thank you again for everything you do for cats, dogs and pet owners….your work changes lives for the better! “