This is the fourth of nine segments which Univision Seattle, KUNS Channel 51, is proudly airing on Wednesdays at 6pm and 11pm. This segment is focused on adopting a pet. Learn more about RASKC’s stories on Univision.


Title: Adopting a pet
Story by: Jaime Mendez, Reporter and Anchor

Every single time we air our ‘pet of the week’ segment, many of our viewers suddenly have the desire to adopt a pet. Some do it, and they end up with a nice companion, but others think about it twice because they’re unsure of the process, cost or the obligations related to being a pet owner.

This is Algodon, a Chihuahua who was adopted only a few months ago by this Auburn family and already is an integral part of the family. It is the first time they have a pet. [Woman] “We didn’t have one so I mentioned to my brother and sister-in-law that we were looking for a dog, and they were the ones who suggested we should look into adopting a pet”. Without a doubt, a very good idea for many reasons. [Woman] “I liked the idea of adopting in order to give it a loving family, care and protection.” That is exactly what they got when they went to King County’s animal shelter which is focused on uniting pets with individuals who are ready to take on a new member of the family. [Lluvia] “It is a responsibility, it’s not just about having a dog or cat at home, but it is… shall we say, a family member that also needs lots of love, kindness, needs to eat, needs to go outside.” This King County employee speaks to us about the responsibility of adopting a pet, especially for those who haven’t had one before. But there is no doubt that adopted pets who are well-cared for, immediately become happy pets and brighten the home. Whether it is dogs, cats or any other animal, there is a mutual sense of affection and loyalty that is created. The cost for adoption ranges from $30 to $200 which depends on the type and age of the animal. [Lluvia] “Those costs are associated with many things. They include medical assessments, behavior assessments, they also are licensed, they have a microchip…” And they are neutered. The cost of adopting is significantly less than if one went to a veterinarian, a great savings that is priceless.  But, what happens if you regret adopting? [woman] “If you think that it is too big of a responsibility, one has 30 days to either adopt another pet or simply take them back”. In the majority of the cases, once the pet is at home, no one ever wants them to leave. Especially in the case of Algodon who says, “I’m staying put!”

If you want to adopt a pet, you can begin the process by looking at King County’s webpage which is, and there is a section in Spanish, you can also call the number on the page.