RASKC has a mission to find a permanent home for every adoptable pet. However, it can be hard to find adoptive homes for some animals. So, we created the Hospice Program to give these pets an opportunity to live out their golden years in a loving home.

The cats in the Hospice Program have difficulty finding adoptive homes due to their age and/or medical issues. They are available to people who desire the companionship of a cat, but have the advantage of RASKC assuming all expenses including routine medical care and end of life options. Basic supplies such as litter and food are also provided.

People who care for hospice cats really are a special group! RASKC staff is there to support them at all times.

Interested in becoming a hospice foster parent? Click here for more information. As with all fostering, RASKC provides  free food, litter, medicine and veterinary care for the animal.

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