The most memorable pet I came across…there have been so many that stand out, but one in particular will forever have my heart.  Her name is Brownie and she is a small framed, gorgeous, brown pit bull.  One day when I came in for my shift, I went to the adoption area and I had decided to take her out first.  I opened the kennel door and when I looked into her beautiful, golden eyes, I fell in love with her immediately!

Sadly, she was really scared and didn’t want to go outside.  Looking into her sweet, soulful eyes, I knew that I had to take a different approach with this girl.  So, I got in the kennel with her and sat on the floor (I didn’t want to seem intimidating), she immediately jumped into my lap.  She was shaking and scared.  So I did what she needed… I held her, cuddled her, talked softly to her, and gently stroked her fur.  We remained there for over a half hour (of my hour long shift) until I could feel her calm down and start to relax.  When she was ready, we went outside.  She is such a wonderful dog.  She happily walked on the leash; she knew sit and lay; and she loved playing fetch.  The difference was night and day.  That shows what a little love and compassion can do for their souls.

When I left the shelter that night, my heart was heavy because she had been so sad in there, but I found out that she was adopted the very next day!  I was thrilled for her and for the lucky family who adopted her.  That was the first time I fell in love with one of the shelter dogs, but it certainly wasn’t the last.

Submitted by:

Lenda Johnson
RASKC Volunteer Dog Team Coordinator