Meet Pam! RASKC is honored to recognize Pam Kocha as an Outstanding New Volunteer. A foster volunteer who has provided innumerable animal transports and the occasional donations delivery, this Federal Way resident has contributed almost 3,000 hours to RASKC since last year.

Interim Animal Services Coordinator Emily Ruppert said, “Pam often provides transports for cats and rabbits. She is always willing to go the extra mile when asked. Pam and her helpers are always so excited to hear about the stories behind the kitties while they sneak a look!

“I have one adult son and two granddaughters, who are great foster helpers. Our home is filled with my granddaughters, dogs, and cats. Our rescued German Shepherd is protective, but loud noises send him under my bed. Our re-homed senior Pomsky sleeps most of time! We also recently rehomed a delightful and energetic Lab puppy, and we have cats from seniors to kittens. They brighten our days with their cuddles, purrs and antics.

“I love animals! The amazing RASKC staff are so supportive and make fostering easy. I love watching the hissy, scared kittens and cats learn to trust. I always have mixed feelings when they find their forever home — thrilled they have a new loving home and sad to see them go!

“I grew up in Parkland, Washington on a small beef farm. Days included feeding and watering the cows, bottle feeding calves, cleaning out the calf stalls, and playing in the woods. I remember watching over calves being born and stepping in to help if needed.

“My ancestors came from Europe – Sweden, England, Scotland, Austria, and Czechoslovakia. I enjoyed the stories they shared. At the holidays, I include foods from the homelands.

“I look for teachable moments and activities to discuss equity and social justice with my granddaughters to help them understand inequity and discrimination and how they can be a positive force for change. Before the pandemic, I volunteered at our local food bank and at my granddaughters’ school. I have volunteered with youth organizations and political campaigns for many years.

“As a graduate from the University of Puget Sound, I have worked in administrative support for the Pierce County Planning Department, the Washington State House of Representatives, the Federal Way Public Schools, and in government relations.”