Meet Patrycja! RASKC is profoundly pleased to honor Patrycja Amanowicz with Exceptional Youth recognition. Patrycja arrived in the United States less than five years ago. A resident of Renton, Patrycja has made such a positive impact at RASKC since 2019 both as a Shelter Helper and on the Early Morning Cat Crew.

“RASKC is the first and only place I’ve ever volunteered at, and I’ve loved every moment of it! Apart from using my free time in a helpful and productive way, my favorite part about the experience is contact with animals – they all have so much love to give, and they show it every minute. My most memorable moment from RASKC is when I absolutely fell in love with a senior cat during an EMCC shift – he was the most loving, affectionate, and also the messiest cat I’ve ever met!

“I came to the U.S. from Poland in 2017 and now live in Renton with my husband, baby daughter and our dog. We all love the outdoors and travelling. Our personalities differ in many ways, so we complement each other perfectly! In my free time, when I’m not catching up on work, I like playing video games, reading, knitting while listening to rock and metal, and teaching my pup new tricks. I think if I was to choose a motto, it would probably be “Live and let live.” Kindness, avoiding hasty judgements, and consideration for other people’s unique situations sound like generic wishes, but they can change so much and help make everyone happier! It’s quite easy to see in the animal kingdom, which is partly why I love animals so much.

“My dog, Rica, is a shy, very sweet girl who would ideally spend her days in a big grassy field or a beach chasing balls, birds, and squirrels. As a very smart dog, she’s mastered a ton of tricks, like high five, shake, roll over, twirl, and crawl, and her exceptional leash-walking and off-leash behavior are a cherry on top!

“I speak Polish (my native language), English and German, with some basic knowledge of Spanish. Languages are also my line of work – I’m an English-Polish translator, which is exactly what I’ve wanted to be since I was 11!”