Meet Kalyani! RASKC is super happy to award Exceptional Youth recognition to Klayani D.. She’s 23 years old, a resident of Bothell, and a computer-science graduate from the University of Washington- Bothell. Kalyani is also a superb volunteer on RASKC’s Kirkland Cat-Care Team since 2017, though this volunteer work has been on hiatus since the pandemic began.

“I miss volunteering. RASKC is amazing. Hanging out with the animals used to be like therapy. I really liked helping animals stay healthy and safe while they’re with us and helping them find their furever family. It’s bittersweet to say goodbye to some animals, but watching potential adopters fall in love with them and take them home makes it worthwhile and heartwarming. 

“I also love interacting with other volunteers. It was always fun when I was on a shift with another person.

“Customers can be fun too. Witnessing kids’ attempts to convince their parents/grandparents to adopt a pet is just hilarious and wholesome. One time there was a dad who was allergic to cats, and the kid’s solution was to build a cabin in their backyard for him to live in… The dad, not the cat! Sounds about right.

“Sometimes there were dogs at RASKC’s venue in Kirkland. The second you’d walk into the dog room, they’d all rush over and swarm around your legs, making it impossible to take another step. One time, a chihuahua fell asleep on my lap for about an hour. 

“I’m an only child, but I get a decent share of sibling affection/rivalry with my dog Woofy, an Indian Spitz we brought from India when my parents and I moved here. My dog is ‘all bark and no bite.’ Woofy takes his self-appointed role as Guardian of the House very seriously. Squirrels and rabbits can’t hurt us with him around. My favorite thing about Woofy is that, if we’re inside the house, he gets bored of playing fetch after three rounds, and if we’re outside, we’re lucky to play even one round because he’s always veering off course to sniff trees!

“In addition to playing with my dog, I love to read. Fantasy and Mystery are my favorite genres. 

“I’m South Asian. My parents are from India and Sri Lanka. I had the privilege of living in India for a bit and learning about its culture. I haven’t been to Sri Lanka yet, but I’d like to visit soon.

RASKC is grateful for your volunteer work, Kalyani, at our Eastside Pet Adoption Center. Hope to have you “back in action” sometime soon!