Meet Sylvie! RASKC is very honored to recognize Sylvie Wong as Volunteer of the Month. She is one of RASKC’s top foster volunteers. “Sylvie is one that is so dedicated,” said Foster Care Coordinator Lori Mason. “She rarely needs my help, but she continues to dedicate her love and home to kittens. It doesn’t matter if the kittens are sick, Sylvie will always step forward to help.” Having started in 2015, Sylvie has contributed over 4,200 hours- both with fostering and having served on RASKC’s Kirkland Cat-Care Team with her daughter. Thank you, Sylvie!

Q: How did you hear about RASKC and get started?

A: I first heard about RASKC from my friend Mary Beth when she and her daughter volunteered at the RASKC adoption center in Kirkland. My daughter loves animals and saw this as a great opportunity to work with them, so I signed up with her to initially volunteer at the adoption center in Kirkland. When we learned about the foster program, we jumped at the chance to help the kittens. I’ve had dogs most of my life and had a cat for about seven years and saw this to spend more time with cats without the commitment of pet ownership.

Q: Where else have you volunteered?

A: I have volunteered at my children’s school and local human services agencies. I was delighted to expand my volunteering to work with animals. I’ve found in volunteering the one consistency is you get to meet and learn from interesting people with different backgrounds.

Q: What have you gained so far from your experience as a RASKC volunteer?

A: There’s always something new to learn. Each kitten has its own development path and personality and their unique way of communicating their needs.

Q: What do you do when you aren’t volunteering for RASKC?

A: I used to work at Microsoft, and now I’m a stay-at-home mom. I enjoy spending time with my family, camping, hiking, paddle boarding, and gardening.

Q: What is your life motto?

A: Do your best, laugh, and be kind.

Q: Where are favorite places that you have lived?

A: I’ve lived in Hong Kong and the Seattle area. While Hong Kong is a fun city to visit, I love the Pacific Northwest.

Q: How would you describe your pets’ personalities?

A: We have a 9-year-old Rat Terrier mix rescue, Lacey. When she first came to us, she was scared and would curl up tight and sleep alone at the other end of the sofa. Now, she snuggles right up against us whenever she can. Otherwise, she’s napping on the bed or chair in the same room as us. Lacey can be reactive to people, bikes and especially dogs, so we continually work with her to help her feel more at ease. On sunny days, she’ll seek out even the smallest patch of sun to sunbathe in.

We also have Rhodey, our 6-month-old Samoyed. She’s your typical puppy, super smart, super energetic. She recently met up with a littermate. We were all thrilled they remembered each other and had a great time playing chase and tumbling, even checking in with each other when the other seemed scared or unsure.

Q: Where do you like to walk your dogs?

A: We are fortunate to live in an area with safe walkable streets and many nature trails. I prefer the nature trails.

Q: What would you like to say about volunteering for RASKC?

A: Everyone at RASKC is wonderful and friendly. Lori is the best! Her reassurances are comforting, and positive outlook is a gift. The volunteering program is set up with something for everyone that ultimately positively impacts the animals and our greater community.

Q: Fun fact?

A: I reached the Mount St. Helens summit in May 2018!