On this Mothers’ Day, we honor all mother’s, especially foster moms of our four legged furry animals.

“I would like to honor all the foster moms with my greatest admiration. You open your hearts and your homes to homeless pets across King County. We will be forever grateful!”, says Lori Mason, Foster Care Coordinator.

Here is a shout out to our amazing crew of foster volunteers:

  • Thank you to our fosters who take care of our bottle-baby kittens. These women provide round-the-clock feedings every three or four hours. No rest for the weary! We would highlight valiant volunteers Linda Bowen, Becky Rubeck, and Jeannie Dykstra, among all those who care for bottle babies.
  • Thank you to our fosters who have opened up their homes to provide hospice care for some of our elderly animals. Our very first hospice foster volunteer Pam O’Brien helped pioneer this program. Currently about 50 RASKC foster families provide hospice animal care.
  • Thank to you all our foster moms who have contributed thousands of hours in fostering  last year. While RASKC is blessed with about 485 foster households, we also want to give a special “shout out” of affection to Mary Beth Binns, Marcia Klein-Horsham, and Cheryl Kuna, and to the following: Karen Tyler (3,636 hours), Laura Weaks (2,639 hours), Linda Bowen (2,631 hours), Pat Davis (2,25 hours), Becky Rubeck (2,263 hours), Deanna Isenberg (2,121 hours), Jacque Rump (1,845 hours), Gabrielle Patterson (1,802 hours), Suzanne Tiedeman (1,604 hours), Amy Sylvester (1,810 hours), Nicole Bennett (1,504 hours), Valli Johansen (1,468 hours), Melissa Blake (1,445 hours), Jeannie Dykstra (1,337 hours), Hillary Jones (1,307 hours), Pati Ramos (1,272 hours), Wendy Hester (1,256 hours), Lynn Ingalls (1,246 hours), Kelly Campodonico (1,232 hours), Vyrna Layton (1,194 hours), Sylvie Wong (1,132 hours), Judy Kane (1,094 hours), Amanda Radak (1,074 hours), Tomo Morita (1,031 hours), Yvonne Rodriguez (1,027 hours), Carolyn Creasia (1,019 hours), Melodye Johnson (1,016 hours), Tiffany Staples (1,016 hours), Corinne Powley (990 hours), Morgan Anderson (986 hours), Cathy Brown (978 hours), and Elizabeth Bissett (971 hours).
  • Thank you to our fosters who were previously named Volunteer of the Month and have stepped up to take on fostering as a yet another way to help with animals:  Mary Beth BinnsMelissa BlakeLinda BowenDawn Detwiler,  Jennifer French, Pam Gibbons, Joyce Grajczyk, Valli JohansenMarcia Klein-HorshamCheryl KunaLori Middleton, Pam O’BrienCorinne PowleyPati RamosJayne Roddy, Becky RubeckSheryl Small, Pamela Staeheli, Linda SutherlandAmy SylvesterMarilyn Wallace, Darcy Webb, and Shannon Weiler.
  • Thank you to two NEW! super foster volunteers: Diane Anderson and Janelle Norman. And we’d like to also give big thanks to two other foster moms of distinction: Hannah Collins and Tracy Wyeth.

We recognize that it often takes a village to care to care for a foster pet, therefore to all the other individuals members of the family who take part — thank you!

Interested in becoming a foster volunteer? We’d love to have you! Learn more:


RASKC credits 1.5 hours per day when there is one adult foster animal being cared for or no more than three hours’ credit per day for more than one adult foster. Like many other shelters, we credit eight hours per day for bottle-baby care.