RASKC (filming): Hi!

Volunteer (Anne): Oh, hi.

RASKC: We’re filming 12 ways of volunteering and this is a great opportunity for the public to kind of understand a little bit more of the positions that we have here at RASKC. Do you have a second?

Volunteer (Anne): Sure.

RASKC: Wonderful, why don’t you go ahead and let us know what’s your name and your volunteer position.

Volunteer (Anne): Okay, my name is Anne Watanabe and I volunteer transporting cats to one of our offsite locations.

RASKC: And how long have you been volunteering with RASKC?

Volunteer (Ann): About 2 years now.

RASKC: Wonderful and what brought you to RASKC?

Volunteer (Anne): Well, a number of things. Geography, I live in the south end. A lot of different volunteer options to choose from and that was also attractive to me.

RASKC: And what would you say is the best part about volunteering here?

Volunteer (Anne): The best part is working with animals and then the staff and other volunteers at RASKC.

RASKC: Wonderful, Ann thank you so much for your time, we appreciate everything that you do.

Volunteer (Anne): Alright thank you!