RASKC (filming): Hi Shelly, we’re filming 12 ways of volunteering in order to raise awareness of the various volunteer opportunities we have here RASKC. What’s your volunteer role?

Volunteer (Shelly): This is the shelter helper role.

RASKC: And what are you doing right now?

Volunteer (Shelly): Right now, I am sorting all of the laundry getting it ready to wash and dry.

RASKC: And what do you like about this role?

Volunteer (Shelly): I like this role, it is a background role. I am a bit of a softie with animals, so I didn’t know if I could work directly with them, so this is a good way to help the shelter.

RASKC: Anything else you’d like to share?

Volunteer (Shelly): I would just share that this is my first time working in a shelter, so it’s a good intro role if you are thinking of getting into it.

RASKC: Thank you so much Shelly!

Volunteer (Shelly): No problem.