“Happy Tails” are the best.

These are the stories that make our day. At RASKC, the staff and volunteers spend countless hours caring for each animal that comes through our doors. The easiest going pets that are also healthy and/or potty trained are typically the first ones out. Their time in the shelter is very short and before we know it, they’re happily whisked away to their new forever home.

Some pets take a little longer to find their forever home. For some people, it’s disappointing to hear of pets not getting adopted right away. But for our team, it translates into an opportunity to spend more time with them, to get to know them, and to help them find a good person-match … and just like that, an amazing bond is formed.

Django is an example of that bond. This pittie mix was adopted a few times, but then brought back for various reasons ranging from personal issues to challenges with her behavior. While Django was a very smart and sweet dog, she was also a high energy dog that needed a lot of love and care. So, Django stayed with us for months. In the meantime, volunteers and staff rallied around her in lots of fun ways to ensure she was cared for and seen on our social media. From ensuring she had lots of opportunities for fun outings, like partaking in our WAGS program (Walks, Adventures and Getting Socialized) to being featured as “Pet of the Week” and everything in between. We even had a volunteer share art she created because she loved Django so much.


Then one day last summer, a young couple came in and whisked Django away. All of us were thrilled to see her leave, but also quietly wondering, “Is this the one?” Well – it’s been a year since Django’s adoption and we’re pleased to share that her new family has truly become her forever family!

We’re happy and proud to share one of our most heartfelt “Happy Tails” yet. Created by Django’s “mom person,” this is a true testament to the power of love…