May 26, 2018

Blue’s Night Out

We love receiving updates from our community. In this short post, Tessa, shared her night out with Blue!

I had the opportunity to bring Blue home for the night since my two dogs were out of the house. Blue did an excellent job staying with my husband Steve and me. She is one of the easier foster dogs that have stayed with me, although this was a short trip. Blue is a very sweet, smart, tenacious girl.

The adventure began after my dog walking shift when I brought Blue home with me. Blue and I spent some time walking through the neighborhood and she walked next to me very nicely with a loose leash. Then I gave Blue a quick bath. Blue hopped in the tub easily and sat quietly while I washed and rinsed her.

Later, we played fetch in the yard. Blue did a great job ignoring the chickens in the chicken coop and the barking dog next door behind a wooden fence. She also ignored the loud kitty in the house who stayed behind a closed door. Blue is quite good at tricks. We practiced ‘sit’, ‘touch’, ‘shake’, and ‘lay down’. She may also know ‘drop it’, ‘off’, and ‘stay’ in some situations. It appears that Blue is house trained – she waited to potty until she was outside. We found something the loves more than tennis balls – pizza! She decided that perhaps sitting nicely would get her a slice. Unfortunately for her, it didn’t work.

In the morning we played more fetch and she rolled over for belly rubs and fell asleep upside down. She only barked a few times during the visit and was pretty good about not jumping up on us.