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RASKC has nominated Melissa Blake for MudBay’s FUTY (From Us to You) Festival Volunteer Excellence award. This is Mudbay’s second FUTY celebration which recognizes animal welfare volunteers and staff of the Pacific Northwest. Winners will be awarded $1000.00 cash prize and their organization will also receive a $1000 donation from MudBay. To participate, click here to vote! 

Melissa Blake always finds time to volunteer at our pet adoption center even though she is a paralegal by day, a real estate agent on the weekends and a photographer in her spare time. A resident of Tacoma, Melissa started fostering in 2012 when she opened up her heart and home to foster puppies, dogs, and cats. Her dedication, which has gone far and beyond the call of fostering duties, has evolved into raising money and chairing one of our most important events – RASKC’s Volunteer Appreciation Banquet. Melissa’s fantastic coordination and countless hours spent attending to every issue, big and small, lead to the success of ensuring 100+ volunteers were formidably recognized. In addition to this, Melissa has used her love of photography to help RASKC provide compelling, professional pet photos that capture a glimpse of each animal’s personality.

In a brief Q&A with Melissa when she was named May 2016 RASKC Volunteer of the Month, we asked her what she had hoped to gain from her experience as a volunteer, her sweet and humble answer was the following: “I have already gained so much from volunteering at RASKC. I’ve met some terrific people who share equally in my passion for animal rescue. I get to help an animal find the perfect family after being sick, abused, or turned into the shelter for a variety of reasons. Who doesn’t love a happy ending and I get to witness them all of the time. It’s great! I get to take pictures of some of the beautiful dogs and cats and share their pictures on the RASKC website so their new families can fall in love with them before they step foot in the shelter. There is so much I have already received from volunteering that I would feel guilty asking for more.”