We have another WAGS (Walks, Adventures, and Getting Socialized) tale for you – meet Merci! She was just adopted this week, but we wanted to share what our dog walker volunteer said about a recent trip to the woods:

Merci is ready for her new home!

This gal comes off a tiny bit shy when you first meet her, but she blossoms into an adoring lovebug very quickly! On her WAGS adventure today, she wasn’t sure if she should get in the car (stranger danger!), but agreed to hop in after thinking about it for a few minutes. Once we got moving, she settled in and lay down to relax and enjoy the scenery. On the return trip, she hopped in the car and lay down immediately.

Upon arrival at her own private, two-acre fenced park, she cautiously explored while still on a leash. Once the leash came off, she… still cautiously explored, while making a point to keep her eye on the volunteer to be sure she wasn’t going to be left alone. After about ten minutes, Merci turned into a curious, confident and affectionate explorer.

Merci is young and has very long legs that she is still learning to control. Having a huge wide open space to run in was an amazing experience for her. She was very attentive and would come when called, every time. That earned her delicious treats!

After her confidence was up, we played a little bit of hide and seek. The first time she was VERY concerned that she had been left behind. But then she got the hang of it and she delighted in bounding through the forest to find the person behind the tree who called her name. We had both a man and a woman, and she engaged well with both… perhaps even preferring the man to the woman.

Merci is a super sweet dog who has her whole life ahead of her.

While Merci has found her new home, we have lots of other great pets waiting for you. Check out their profiles at kingcounty.gov/AdoptAPet.