Graduating from:  Raisbeck Aviation High School (Tukwila) 

RASKC team: Cat-Care Team at Kirkland Petco 

How your graduation experience will be unique due to the pandemic: “All students are only allowed two tickets for people to attend the in-person ceremony. It will be live-streamed on YouTube for those who cannot attend.” 

Hoping this will continue post-pandemic: “Nothing. I want everything to go back to the way it was before, because this is no way for people to live over an extended period.” 

Most proud of in the last year or two: “That I was the sole recipient of my school’s full-ride scholarship, as well as being able to maintain my grades during remote learning.” 

Looking forward to: “Reading books by Carl Sagan, Stephen Hawking, and Neil DeGrasse Tyson. Going on trips with my friends and family, as well as moving into my dorm room at my college.” 

What’s next: “I will be attending Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University in Prescott, Arizona this fall as an astronomy major.” 

Most memorable volunteering experience: “Having a loud Bengal cat sing to us for two weeks” while we were volunteering. 

Advice to new RASKC volunteers: “Do the work first, then play with the animals. It’ll be worth it.” 

Will you volunteer after graduation?  “Yes! I need to find an animal shelter in Prescott so I can volunteer.”