Graduating from: Kent Lake High School (Kent) & Green River College (Auburn) with an associate’s degree 

RASKC Team: Early Morning Cat Crew 

How your graduation experience will be unique due to the pandemic: There’s “definitely no in-person graduation. And I won’t get to really be with my friends.” 

Hoping this will continue post-pandemic: “Mask culture! It’s a really good thing to continue, it’s very helpful and healthy.” 

Most proud of in the last year or two: “Actually graduating and staying alive this long, I honestly didn’t think I would make it this far but here we are!” 

Looking forward to: “Hopefully being able to travel and meet some of my friends in real life.” 

What’s next: “Going off to Western for a higher degree in art and hopefully figuring out what I want to do.” 

Most memorable volunteering experience: “Getting to see some cats regularly. Being very happy when they would get adopted. I’ll always remember when I learned that Duck had been adopted.” 

Advice to new RASKC volunteers: “Get over your fear of touching something gross; it makes the job much easier. Also talk to the animals. I found it helped me keep track of what I had to do.” 

Will you volunteer after graduation? “Yes! I’ve always enjoyed volunteering, and I was super upset when COVID” shut down all volunteer work. 

Fun fact: “I have two dogs that are rescued, a fish tank, and my lovely cat Sally.”