February 26, 2021

Pet of the Week: Harriet

Look out world, because here I come – my name is Harriet, and I’m the Pet of the Week!

This wonderful dog was brought in by an animal control officer in early February. She is a sweet, happy girl who is filled with affection, full of energy, and loves to play! Harriet does best when she has lots of exercise and something to keep her mind and mouth busy. Since she’s so spirited, she’s one of our pets with a “Rambunctious Red” personality.

Harriet is a very smart dog – at the Pet Adoption Center she has been learning “sit” and “lay down.” The staff have even let her venture on some of the agility equipment in the yard! Harriet is a pretty quick learner and already knows how to do the hardest one – the hoop jump. As for toys, Harriet LOVES destroying stuffed toys and will even try to conquer the ones labeled “non-destructible.” Those words are considered a challenge in her book!

This 50-pound girl is basically a puppy in an adult body. She will need to find a home where someone is available in these early days. It’s important to be consistent with her and socialize her so she can be the best companion with people and other animals. Harriet is working on basic manners and obedience training, so helping her learn commands will help tremendously on her road to success. Because everything is new to Harriet, her new family will need to be patient and calm. If you and your family are ready to fall in love with this awesome girl, please check her out!

As you can see, Harriet currently has quite a bit of hair loss all over her body because of allergies. When she first arrived, she was bright red and her skin was inflamed. But with treatment and a change in diet, Harriet has improved dramatically already. She will need ongoing care to make sure she has minimal allergic reactions in the future, but her condition should be manageable by sticking to the same routine in diet and exercise. What Harriet lacks in hair she makes up in lots and lots of love and fun!

Harriet is spayed, current on vaccinations, and microchipped. Her adoption includes a free visit to the veterinarian of your choice and 30 days of opt-in pet insurance through Trupanion. Since she’s the Pet of the Week, her adoption fee has been waived! However, please note that a pet license is a requirement and therefore a fee may be applied.

Find out more about Harriet and her other friends on our website at kingcounty.gov/AdoptAPet. Make an appointment to visit while you’re there! If you have questions, you can contact RASKC at 206-296-7387 (PETS) or pets@kingcounty.gov.