January 22, 2019

WAGS: Kermit’s Big Day Out!

We are excited to share another WAGS adventure today! This one comes from volunteer Tessa, who brought Kermit for a home visit over the weekend.

From Tessa:

Kermit is going to make a devoted friend to his new family. He is a smart, snuggly boy who is easy to train. He waits patiently for treats and takes them gently. Kermit enjoys car rides, walking and jogging, and spending time inside with his favorite people. During his visit, Kermit played nicely with my other female dogs and was friendly toward my female cat. He was not overly interested in the chickens in their coop when in the yard.

Kermit’s adventure began with a short car ride from RASKC to my house. After a neighborhood jog, he was introduced to my husband and later my dog Adi and the house. Kermit spent some time sniffing around the house and finding the water bowl but soon relaxed. We spent the morning running around the back yard, snuggling, and cleaning the kitchen. Just before heading back to RASKC, Kermit also met my other dog, Lily, during a walk around the neighborhood. Kermit and Lily did great together with no signs of aggression or stress from either dog.

During the visit, we practiced ‘sit,’ ‘touch,’ ‘shake,’ and ‘lay down.’ It appears that Kermit is house trained – he waited to potty until he was outside. Kermit only barked once during the visit, when playing with Adi. I’m sure he would love to move to a home with an outgoing puppy friend to learn the ropes from and play and snuggle with.



If you are interested in meeting Kermit, you can visit him at the RASKC Pet Adoption Center in Kent: 21615 64th Ave S. Kent 98032 (M-F: 12-6pm, Sat-Sun: 12-5pm)

“WAGS” stands for Walks, Adventures, and Getting Socialized! This program allows our current dog walkers to take a dog on an adventure outside of the shelter for a few hours. Interested in becoming a dog walker? To learn more, visit us at:  www.kingcounty.gov/RASKCVolunteer