We are so excited to share the story of this lucky little lady who found her new family in a very special way!

A few weeks ago, RASKC was contacted by TiER1 Performance Solutions, a consulting firm based in the Cincinnati area. TiER1 had received a request from a 10 year-old boy named AJ who was looking for a new dog. They believed there had been a mix-up between their Adoptify, a gamified system that assists large companies with change readiness, and the new pet adoption initiative “Adoptify” launched by digital music service Spotify.

“Usually the requests we get from our website are related to needing help with organizational culture or employee engagement and training, so receiving a request for a dog was definitely a first for us!” said TiER1’s Director of Marketing, Sarah Ehrnschwender.

After making contact with AJ’s grandmother, TiER1 learned that due to medical reasons, AJ’s doctor had recommended he get a dog. Touched by the family’s story, TiER1 knew they wanted to help. They reached out to RASKC to see if we could work together to find the right dog for the family.

A couple weeks later, the right dog came along! Lola Bear, a friendly, 8 year-old Schnauzer mix, seemed like she would be a great fit for the family. RASKC and TiER1 worked together to arrange a meeting between Lola Bear and her new potential family. Once the details had been worked out, Animal Care Technician Adryan Jones and Sergeant Marcy Goldstone brought Lola Bear to the family’s house, and it was love at first sight!

In addition to sponsoring Lola Bear’s adoption fee, TiER1 also put together an Amazon wish list for their employees to send dog supplies to the new family. “At the end of the day, I think the most important measure of our success is the impact we have on people,” said TiER1 CEO Greg Harmeyer. “As we continue to grow as a company, I hope we never get too big to keep doing the little things that can make a big difference for someone.”

RASKC wishes a hearty congratulations to AJ and his new friend, Lola Bear! We also want to share our thanks to TiER1 Performance Solutions for helping to make this happen!