We value and greatly appreciate the work that our Animal Control Officers (ACO) do on a daily basis. Their genuine commitment to serve the community helps maintain RASKC’s mission to provide collaborative and compassionate animal care services throughout King County.

Thank you for all you do!

Scroll down to view their picture and read about why they love what they do!

Lead Sgt Tim Anderson

Sgt. Lead, Tim Anderson

I’ve been an ACO for 14 years, the past four years with King County. I enjoy my position as the Lead Sergeant with RASKC because I get to work with a dedicated group of professionals who are committed to helping the animals and citizens of King County and our twenty five contract cities. Each day brings a new, unique and often fun challenge!
-Sgt. Lead, Tim Anderson

Sgt. Chelsea Eykel

Sgt. Chelsea Eykel

Sgt. Chelsea Eykel is one of our shelter supervisors she has been with RASKC since January 2008. The favorite part of Chelsea’s job is working with citizens coming into the shelter looking for their lost pets and working with dog rescue groups to place dogs who may not otherwise find homes.

Sgt. Mike Lindquist

Sgt. Mike Lindquist

Sgt. Mike Lindquist is our newest sergeant and assigned to the field. Mike enjoys helping solve animal related problems in the community.

Brenda Dyrdahl

Sgt. Brenda Dyrdahl

I like working in a community where animals’ lives are valued whether they have an owner or not.  The citizens of King County and the County Council have made sure, through Regional Animal Services, that all pets in our service area are treated respectfully and humanely and I am glad to be a part of that. – Sgt. Brenda Dyrdahl


Gary Kranig

Officer Gary Kranig

I’ve worked with animals for over 47 years, and as an ACO for 37 years – 22 years with King County. I enjoy educating citizens on being responsible & caring pet owners.
-Officer Gary Kranig


Allison WIlcox

Officer Allison Wilcox

Officer Allison Wilcox has been an ACO w/ King County since October 2006. She enjoys working closely with animals and educating the public on responsible pet ownership.

Aaron Wheatley April 8, 2016

Officer Aaron Wheatley

I enjoy going out into the world, helping people and animals to improve the quality of our community. – Officer Aaron Wheatley



Officer Brandy Cherone

Officer Brandy Cherone has been with RASKC since 2008. She enjoys caring for the animals and working as a team to make RASKC the best animal shelter and animal control agency around.

Marc Norberg

Officer Marc Norberg

Officer Marc Norberg started with RASKC in 2008, prior to that he served seven years as an ACO in Grant County. He enjoys helping to educate people about responsible pet ownership.

David Yoshizumi

Officer David Yoshizumi “Yosh”

Officer David Yoshizumi “Yosh” has been an ACO with King County since September 1983. Yosh enjoys helping citizens and animals.


Officer Tom Harris (camera shy)

I’m passionate about helping animals and people in crisis. I’m the luckiest person to have this job, I’d almost do it for free — Officer Tom Harris

Not pictured: Sgt. Shelby Russell,  Officer Steve Nickelson and Officer Glenna Winter