Graduating from:  International Community School (Kirkland) 

RASKC team: Cat-Care Team at Kirkland Petco 

How your graduation experience will be unique due to the pandemic: “I get to graduate in T-mobile Park on the Mariner’s baseball field!” 

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Graduating from:  Lake Washington High School (Kirkland) 

RASKC Team: Cat-Care Team at Kirkland Petco 

Hoping this will continue post-pandemic: “I hope that people continue to be extra-aware about their own health and the practices they take to avoid getting themselves and others sick, like washing hands regularly and wearing masks when sick.” 

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Graduating from: International Community School (Kirkland)  RASKC Team: Cat-Care Team at Kirkland Petco  How your graduation experience will be unique due to the pandemic: “I think that there will definitely be some experiences I’m sad to miss out on, since we didn’t get to do a lot of senior traditions leading up to graduation at my school. But […]