• RASKC volunteer role: Kirkland Cat-Care Team from 2018- 2019.
  • Graduating from: The Beacon School (New York City).
  • Future plans: To study political science at Scripps College in California.
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  • RASKC volunteer roles:  Shelter Helper, animal transport, and fostering animals with his family  since 2019.
  • Graduating from: Washington Connections Academy (online).
  • Future plans: To become a veterinarian assistant.
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  • RASKC volunteer roles: Cat Meet & Greet volunteer from 2015- present; served also on RASKC’s Covington Cat-Care Team in 2014.
  • Graduating from: Kentridge High School.
  • Future plans: To complete prerequisites at Bellevue College, then transfer to Washington State University to double major in zoology and conservation biology. Goals: to work in wildlife rehabilitation or as a zoologist.
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Meet Karen and Jonah! RASKC is profoundly pleased to honor Karen Tyler and her adult son Jonah Wilson as Volunteers of the Month. Last year their household contributed the most number of foster hours of any RASKC volunteer household- over 3,600 hours in 2019: Absolutely amazing! Karen and Jonah’s overall contribution exceeds 8,500 foster hours just […]

Meet Pei, Ella, & Ava! RASKC is extremely honored to recognize Pei Yuen and her daughters Ella and Ava as RASKC Volunteers of the Month. They have been providing exemplary service to RASKC since 2016. Aside from COVID restrictions, the Yuen family are extraordinarily reliable for their closing shift on Mondays at Kirkland Petco, which is […]

Meet Anne! RASKC is extraordinarily happy to honor Anne Watanabe as Volunteer of the Month. She is very generous with her time, super skilled, and awesome in so many ways. Last year Anne contributed the most number of volunteer hours on RASKC’s Tukwila Petco Cat-Care Team. In addition to faithfully working weekly shifts pre-COVID, she serves on the leadership team, filled in frequently, and provides so many cat transports!

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Meet Marc! RASKC is super happy to honor Marc Whitely who- during normal times- contributes regular weekly shifts on three teams at the shelter- as a “red” Dog Walker, on the Cat Meet & Greet Team, and on the Cat Area Stray Team. Marc also serves as a mentor on two of these teams. And he […]

Meet Gabrielle! RASKC is very honored to name Gabrielle Patterson as Volunteer of the Month. She contributed a total of over 6,500 hours from 2013- 2020, both as a foster volunteer and a Dog Walker. Not only did Gabrielle help a number of challenging dogs and needy kittens, she also provided loving care to two cats with severe skin issues that took quite some time to clear up. Thank you, Gabrielle! 

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We have come up with a few “outside the box” volunteer opportunities for our community. This has resulted in some creative outlets to spruce up our environment. Kye recently dropped off a bucket full of painted rocks. RASKC staff had a blast using them to decorate our upgraded pet food bank, and they have brightened the space up as you’re approaching our front doors. See video below, images and Q&A with the artist: Kye!

Thank you Kye for thinking of RASKC and sharing your hobby with us

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For our first Video blog edition, we were excited to interview Harrison Pro, a 15 year-old Life Scout with Troop 600, who recently completed an important milestone for his Eagle Scout service project which he dedicated to helping the dogs of RASKC.

Check out the full video interview below as well as the pictures that detail his amazing journey on this blog post!

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