Meet Penny! She is one of RASKC’s most dedicated and skilled volunteers. Penny serves as Co-Lead of the Shelter Helper team. She works with the staff and other volunteers to troubleshoot a variety of issues, especially those related to the washing machines. Penny promotes quality assurance in many ways, including by sending out Tips of the […]

Meet Linda! She serves as RASKC’s Lead Volunteer in the Vet Clinic. Linda engaged in Herculean efforts earlier this year to simultaneously onboard about 12 new volunteers on her team. Linda has impressed staff and volunteers very much in the many roles that she has undertaken, including as a foster volunteer, Cat Meet and Greet volunteer, […]

Meet Liz! She is one RASKC’s longest serving volunteers who faithfully contributes a weekly shift, which she has been doing with cats at Reber Ranch since 2008. Liz is extremely proficient, extraordinarily reliable, and exudes great cheer. For many years Liz helped in taking care of all the laundry associated with RASKC’s cat-care at Reber Ranch. […]

Meet Jeff! Jeff has given extraordinary contributions of time to RASKC and has done so with the best spirit and great skill as a Dog Walker and as a Shelter Helper. Jeff not only has been one of RASKC’s most reliable volunteers with his weekly shift, he has also been absolutely magnificent by filling in on […]

Meet Kyle! Kyle is a “Renaissance man,” who speaks three languages and is active in many non-profit organizations. Kyle serves as one of RASKC’s most impressive foster volunteers who cares for a number of our pit-bull terriers, pit mixes, and other dogs. Since he started in 2013, Kyle has donated more than 1,100 foster hours to […]

Meet Jennifer! Jennifer Hunt serves as an outstanding Co-Lead, with Teresa Rosenberg, of our Kirkland Team, comprised of more than 120 volunteers. Jennifer’s cheerfulness, attention to detail, and willingness to go the “extra mile” is deeply appreciated. She also works a weekly shift at the store. Jennifer also has helped to lead many sessions of new volunteer orientation. Thank you, Jennifer!

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Meet Marcia! Marcia has been one of RASKC’s most prolific foster volunteers since 2008. For a few years she and volunteer Melissa Edlund sponsored a critter cottage specifically to care for lots of RASKC foster animals. Marcia has led and participated in many special adoption events over the years and almost always seems ready to help […]

Meet Cheryl! She is one of RASKC’s most prolific foster volunteers, having contributed close to 1,000 hours or more for each of the past several years. Cheryl has engaged in many different roles since she started in 2008, including Dog Walker, Early Morning Cat Care, and Special Events. Earlier this year, Cheryl also volunteered on many shifts for RASKC pet visits at a local retirement home. Thank you, Cheryl!

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Meet Marie and Dawn! Marie and her adult daughter Dawn are among the most dedicated and longest serving volunteers. They started volunteering together as kitty cuddlers in 2006. They have worked in many RASKC roles since that time. Marie now works regular cat-care shifts at Reber Ranch Cat-Care, plus she and Dawn staff RASKC’s booth at community events. Every week Dawn selects, photographs, and writes descriptions for RASKC’s Pet of the Week that she sends to several newspapers. She also updates RASKC photographs on Petfinder and has served as an instructor. Dawn and Marie often provide transportation to RASKC cats from Kent to the Meowtropolitan Café in Seattle. Thank you, Marie and Dawn!

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