Fireworks are beautiful to look at, but they can be scary for our pets. The bangs and booms are hard on their sensitive hearing, and even the calmest pet can get upset by the unfamiliar loud noises. To help your pet cope with the noise from fireworks, and reduce the chance that it runs away, […]

This message was submitted by Chuck Pilcher, a pet parent whose 11 year old Yorkie , Abby, escaped during a routine fire alarm inspection. Mr. Pilcher, who was happily reunited with Abby in less than 24 hours, sent an email to RASKC ‘s pet line describing how the happy event came about. 

I want to thank you for helping us find our Yorkie, Abby, within 24 hours when she went missing from Thursday-Friday. Here’s how it happened:

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There are more than 70 million dogs in the United States. While the vast majority are friendly, any dog can bite. Each year, more than four million Americans are bitten by dogs – and about one in five requires medical attention. Children and seniors are most likely to be bitten, and to require medical attention. […]

Warm, sunny spring days in the Pacific Northwest are nothing to sneeze at – unless you have seasonal allergies. But did you know your pet can also suffer from all the pollen in the air? Just like humans, pets can also have seasonal allergies. Tree, grass, and weed pollen can cause the same symptoms in […]

If you ever thought that filling out a lost pet report with a local shelter is the equivalent of submitting a document into a black hole, then hopefully this story will have you reconsider.

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It’s every pet parent’s worst nightmare… someone leaves the front door open or a loud noise chases your pet away and suddenly your best friend is gone. It happens all the time, and while RASKC returned 760 pets to their owners last year alone — a success story for over 50% of the lost dogs brought to the adoption center — not all pets are as lucky. This, however, is a story of fortune and one that warms the furry heart and soul. It’s about a wonderful family reunion and a reminder of the importance of registering your pet’s microchip.

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Canine influenza – or dog flu – has been diagnosed in dogs for several years. But a new strain of canine influenza called H3N2 has been found in more than 25 states since April 2015. In Chicago, this novel (or newly appeared) influenza virus sickened more than a thousand dogs during the first outbreak in the United States. Now, Public Health – Seattle & King County veterinarian Beth Lipton thinks that we may have found cases here in King County. Public Health Insider talked to her to find out more.

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Halloween is a treat for people, but can be a frightening trick for our pets. Regional Animal Services of King County reminds pet owners of a few safety tips before the ghosts and goblins arrive. Never feed candy to your pet, especially chocolate. If you suspect your dog or cat has gotten into Halloween treats, […]