RASKC, along with other pet agencies, were selected to take part in a fun, community service project held at Zulily‘s studios. The project was created in the hopes of raising awareness of shelter pets by donating their time and expertise to capture the pets in a softer light, namely in a home-like setting. Zulily, which provided exclusive access to their studios and creative staff, set three beautiful backdrops ranging from playful room, to the “We’re going on vacation!” feel, and finally “This is home” vibe.

Below is an interview with the two amazing professionals that took action and got involved! (to see photos from the shoot, scroll past interview).



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We love hearing from our RASKC alumni! This message comes from Kellie S., who adopted from us about a year ago. Here’s what Kellie says: “I’m writing with gratitude about our new addition to our family. On November 14 [2015] we adopted an 8 year old Vizsla named “Bunny” (whom we have since renamed “Pumpkin”). […]

Halloween is “spook-tacular” for kids of all ages, but the holiday can be pretty scary for our pets. Regional Animal Services of King County would like to remind pet owners of a few safety tips before the ghosts and goblins come begging. Never feed candy to your pet, especially chocolate. If you suspect your dog […]

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Here’s a snapshot of our furry friends dressed up – share with us yours! (Facebook @KingCountyPets or via Twitter @kcpets

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Officer Goldstone and I responded to a call regarding a dog named Bear whose head was completely stuck in the middle of a tire rim with the tire attached.  We tried everything including soaping the dog’s head and neck with dish soap but could not get him free.  We called the local fire station and Art, […]

UPDATE: Toby was adopted on October 8!
Congratulations, and Happy Tails!

Toby came in to our shelter scared and terribly matted.  Because he was so matted, it was painful to be touched and even to walk, as his hair was constantly pulling on his skin, this caused him to be quite grumpy (understandably).  Luckily we have awesome people in our community that came to his rescue!

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Princess came into our shelter after being picked up as a stray. We immediately discovered she had a microchip. When we contacted the microchip company we found out that she had been stolen from Roger Allen back in December of 2014. Mr. Allen had reported it to the microchip company at the time and never […]

Recently a gentleman came into the lobby and told me that he needed to surrender his dog, Moxi, after she had nipped his child in the face. He added that while his child was okay, requiring a couple of minor stitches, that he no longer felt he could trust Moxi around his child. I asked if she […]

Julie, one of Minto’s owners and a Sammamish resident, emailed us the day I was assigned to responding to customer service inquiries. She was curious to know if there were are any other dogs in King County that were as old as her Australian Cattle Dog (aka Blue Heeler), Minto. I was unable to find that data so I asked her if she’d like us to write a blog story and they sent me over all of the information. Here’s Minto’s story: 

This story is about an Australian Cattle Dog (aka Blue Heeler) named Minto. He was born on February 23, 1997, he’s been living for 19 years (average life expectancy is 12-15yrs). After speaking to his human parents, I’m jealous because Minto has lived a more adventurous life than most of us and he’s got me thinking that I definitely need to get out more often!

This is what his humans told me about him (from Minto’s perspective, of course):

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This message was submitted by Chuck Pilcher, a pet parent whose 11 year old Yorkie , Abby, escaped during a routine fire alarm inspection. Mr. Pilcher, who was happily reunited with Abby in less than 24 hours, sent an email to RASKC ‘s pet line describing how the happy event came about. 

I want to thank you for helping us find our Yorkie, Abby, within 24 hours when she went missing from Thursday-Friday. Here’s how it happened:

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