About Us

Our predecessor agency, King County Animal Control, was established in 1972 to provide animal services and public education to most of King County. Re-energized in 2008 with a directive to improve animal outcomes and increase efficiency, KCAC dramatically increased the number of animals rehomed each year.

In 2010, Regional Animal Services of King County (RASKC) was formed as a partnership between King County and more than two dozen cities to improve animal welfare in our region. Today, RASKC provides services to nearly one million residents living in 25 cities and unincorporated King County. With help from our city partners, more than 100,000 cats and dogs are licensed with RASKC annually. License fees are used to provide animal care and control services and to shelter homeless pets until they get adopted. Our animal services officers cover a territory of more than 1,100 square miles, an area nearly the size of the state of Rhode Island. Our Pet Adoption Center staff and volunteers give thousands of animals each year a second chance by providing quality care while they wait for their “forever home.”

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  1. Thank you RASKC for taking care of homeless animals. It breaks my heart to surrender an abandoned pets there so worried if nobody will adopt them what will happen to them. If only I have my own house I will keep those bunnies left by our neighbor. But thank you for taking care of my 2 Angora Bunnies.

  2. I am an 88+yo senior. Low income
    Had to put my wonderful wonderful black cat down a couple of yrs ago…..dx.auto immune disease.
    I miss her. Lonely.would you consider it advisable to adopt a senior indoor only cat. No health issues please financially unable to follow up the necessary care for medically necessary expense for health issues.
    I would give it a quiet home. No children. No pets
    Definitely good healthy food as advised.
    Litter box trained

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