• RASKC volunteer role: Recently began fostering kittens.
  • Graduating from: Highline College with a degree in interior design.
  • Future plans: To make spaces functional yet beautiful either as a freelancer or as a professional’s sidekick, with a flexible schedule to stay available for my three children.
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Meet Denise! RASKC is very happy to honor Denise Kovecs. She is very hard working, extremely resilient in the face of phenomenal challenges, amazingly dedicated, and she brings a fantastic background to RASKC. Denise has served as Lead Volunteer of our Covington Petco Cat-Care Team since this team launched in 2013. She works weekly shifts – […]

Above image: Volunteer of the Month is featured on the far left, along side RASKC colleague volunteers Diane and Allison

Meet Denise! During the eight years that RASKC had maintained a cat-care program at Bellevue Crossroads, 2008- 2016, Denise served as both lead and co-lead volunteer. She also has served as a foster volunteer, helps at Kirkland, and has worked at many special adoption events. Denise is also a key leader in helping to organize volunteer recognition events for eastside volunteers. She is one of the very nicest people you would ever meet. Read our Q&A with her below.

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About 836 people contributed a total of more than 141,180 hours last year. RASKC is tremendously grateful for this service. Special hooray to the volunteers who contributed the most hours in 2019. The volunteer in multiple roles who donated the most time was Pat Davis (3,091 hours). She donated more hours than what many full-staff worked […]

June is often the month when Triple Crowns are awarded. So it might be an apt time to laud RASKC volunteers who: a) actively participate in three or more RASKC roles, or b) who average three or more weekly scheduled shifts, and/or c) have contributed 300 or more foster hours so far this year. Triple […]

Over the last few years Regional Animal Services of King County (RASKC) has gone through several transformations, putting more emphasis than ever before on connecting with the community and improving quality of life for the animals in our care. By the end of 2016, RASKC had officially reached a 90% Live Release Rate (LRR), meaning nine out […]