RASKC commends Seattle Meowtropolitan, a cat café and foundation in Seattle, that has entered its sixth remarkable year of operations- despite all of the COVID restrictions. Meowtropolitan provides interactive experiences for cats and people, adoption opportunities, and a super fun gift shop- in person and online. Additionally Meowtropolitan offers in-person all-levels “yoga time with cats,” […]

This is the fifth of nine segments which Univision Seattle, KUNS Channel 51, is proudly airing on Wednesdays at 6pm and 11pm. This segment is focused on Meowtropolitan Cafe, one of RASKC’s proud pet adoption partners. Learn more about RASKC’s stories on Univision.  

By Amy Wong via The Daily of the University of Washington

For many students, going to college means reluctantly leaving your hometown, your family, and most importantly, your pets. I’ve often found myself longingly staring at people walking their dogs on campus, desperately wanting to cuddle up to the next animal I see. Luckily, Seattle’s first cat cafe, Meowtropolitan, is just a quick bus ride away.

Combining two of life’s greatest joys, cats and coffee, Meowtropolitan provides a unique experience that lets you spend some quality time with local feline friends. For a flat fee of $10, you can order one of several espresso or tea based drinks and then spend an hour hanging out with some of the cutest cats you’ve ever seen.

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Adapted from KOMO 4 News “Seattle Refined”

Seattle Meowtropolitan has been playing coy with us for a while. In fact, you could say they’ve been playing “cat and mouse” with the entire city on when their cat cafe will open.

Too corny? Fine, we’ll stop right meow 🙂

But finally, after much fundraising, location scouting, partner acquiring and merch purchases – the Wallingford cafe is officially open!

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Meet Karolyn! RASKC is extraordinarily pleased to honor Karolyn Grimes, who has been serving delightfully since 2014. Karolyn comes in at least once a week for Cat Meet & Greet work, and she contributes many fill-in shifts to help cover other volunteers’ absences. She also helps to train new volunteers. When RASKC hosted holiday giftwrapping fundraisers […]

Meet Tiffany! RASKC is incredibly happy to honor Tiffany Morin, one of RASKC’s most outstanding volunteers. She serves as the Co-Lead of RASKC’s Pet Publicist Team. And she volunteers on weekly shifts in RASKC’s Vet Clinic and with RASKC cats at Covington Petco. Additionally Tiffany helps with families with young children once a month at Seattle […]

June is often the month when Triple Crowns are awarded. So it might be an apt time to laud RASKC volunteers who: a) actively participate in three or more RASKC roles, or b) who average three or more weekly scheduled shifts, and/or c) have contributed 300 or more foster hours so far this year. Triple […]

Meet Liz! She is one RASKC’s longest serving volunteers who faithfully contributes a weekly shift, which she has been doing with cats at Reber Ranch since 2008. Liz is extremely proficient, extraordinarily reliable, and exudes great cheer. For many years Liz helped in taking care of all the laundry associated with RASKC’s cat-care at Reber Ranch. […]

Over the last few years Regional Animal Services of King County (RASKC) has gone through several transformations, putting more emphasis than ever before on connecting with the community and improving quality of life for the animals in our care. By the end of 2016, RASKC had officially reached a 90% Live Release Rate (LRR), meaning nine out […]

Meet Marie and Dawn! Marie and her adult daughter Dawn are among the most dedicated and longest serving volunteers. They started volunteering together as kitty cuddlers in 2006. They have worked in many RASKC roles since that time. Marie now works regular cat-care shifts at Reber Ranch Cat-Care, plus she and Dawn staff RASKC’s booth at community events. Every week Dawn selects, photographs, and writes descriptions for RASKC’s Pet of the Week that she sends to several newspapers. She also updates RASKC photographs on Petfinder and has served as an instructor. Dawn and Marie often provide transportation to RASKC cats from Kent to the Meowtropolitan Café in Seattle. Thank you, Marie and Dawn!

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