Meet David! David Howerton has impressed so many RASKC staff, volunteers, and customers with his amazing dedication and gentle disposition. While a great many RASKC volunteers are extraordinarily dedicated, not many can match the number of hours and shifts that David has contributed in a relatively brief period of time. From the time that he started seven months ago as a Cat Meet and Greet volunteer, he has worked more than 412 hours over 190 shifts. While this includes the time he has contributed with RASKC pet visits to a local retirement home, it does not include additional foster hours that he has given. Simply amazing. Not only is David extremely generous with his time, his affable and helpful nature makes everyone want to spend more time with him. Thank you, David!

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About 836 people contributed a total of more than 141,180 hours last year. RASKC is tremendously grateful for this service. Special hooray to the volunteers who contributed the most hours in 2019. The volunteer in multiple roles who donated the most time was Pat Davis (3,091 hours). She donated more hours than what many full-staff worked […]

June is often the month when Triple Crowns are awarded. So it might be an apt time to laud RASKC volunteers who: a) actively participate in three or more RASKC roles, or b) who average three or more weekly scheduled shifts, and/or c) have contributed 300 or more foster hours so far this year. Triple […]